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Radworx indoor Skatepark is a great facility for both teaching and having fun.

Be it an hour or a day, get down to Hamilton and have a go, it'll be a total blast!


The Indoor Skatepark!

Skate for FREE at Radworx!

The aim was to build a purposeful Skatepark for use by both the public and youth groups and as base to run The Dropping in Award. The plan was to build the park in the space at the back of "The Street" in Hamilton, for use by Skateboard and Rollerblade only!  (unfortunately the space is too small for either BMX or Non etiquette scooters)


After the experience of Burnbank Skatepark, we would like to change things around a little. The door cost was too low to cover running costs and too high for the target group. (seeing kids wanting to come in but having no money was very hard for staff).


Upping entry cost would help us bring in revenue to run the park and help provide free sessions to accommodate the target group better and encourage them into productive pastimes and then onto volunteering, instructing etc.


We hope to open two evenings a week to the public, Wednesday and Friday and on Saturday at the weekend, charging £5 per 2hr session as well as free sessions to help encourage the less well off to join in and learn to skate.


We also hope to run a skateboard competition every two weeks to encourage repeat use of the park with a prize to the winner of free entry for the next 2 weeks and hopefully some donated skating products.


Sunday and Tuesday are for private hire. If you and your mates want to use the park exclusively, this is for you. Private hire charges will be £50 for the whole park, per hour, discounted to £120 for a 3 hours session. This is also the best chance of allowing scooters in as part of a private group.


Contact us for a full quote for hiring or further information regarding the indoor park. Radworx, Summerlee House, Summerlee Road, Larkhall ML9 2UQ