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During the school holidays we will be running BMX lessons at the BMX track in Overtoun Park, Rutherglen.


The instructors are not racing coaches but will teach you how to jump and spin your way through the lumps and dumps of the BMX track.


All the equipment including the bikes are free to use or you can bring your own. We will require a consent form to be filled out by an adult before you can take part in lessons.


Forms can be downloaded from the link on this page or picked up on the day.


These lessons have been made possible by the folk at Friends of Overtoun Park and the Bike Club.


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Summer Lessons



Carluke Skatepark

East Kilbride Skatepark

Overtoun Park BMX Track

Radworx first came about to fulfill a need.

They had built skateparks…

but nobody knew what to do with them!

The sessions/lessons were established in 2003 to help deal with high numbers of anti-social behavior, alcohol and drugs misuse problems within the parks that the skateparks are located. The Radworx summer lessons are funded by Regen:fx Youth Trust for the young people of South Lanarkshire.


Lessons are also aimed at helping to cut down on territorial issues within South Lanarkshire. Year on year the lesson have been a success with numbers attending growing each year. Many professionals also acknowledge the health benefit’s these lessons provide to the young people participating in the programme.


All lessons are free for maximum social inclusion making them open to anyone regardless or sex, race, religion, social class, ability, disability or location within South Lanarkshire.


The summer lessons are back  running at Blantyre and Carluke. This year BMXing, Skateboarding, Rollerblading and skooters will be on offer for you to take part in for free.


(Don't forget we also have a supply of equipment we can loan to you for free, so everyone can get involved)


We will also be at the Overtoun Park BMX track in Rutherglen every Thursday, so come down and have some fun.


Summer Lessons:

Price:         Free

Starts:        TBC

Times:        Monday to Friday

                   10am to 12pm

                   12.30pm to 2.30pm

                   2.30pm to 4.30pm



Carluke:    TBC

Blantyre:    TBC

Ages:         8-18

Road Trip:  TBC


Consent form:

We require a consent form to be fill out before the lesson starts.


You can download the form here,  pick one up on the day or call into KAOS Skate Store in Blantyre.


Blantyre Skatepark

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